Semi-Irish Tiramisu

Tom Burrows
Version 2.1

Espresso Mixture

4 oz.espresso
2 Tbsp.sugar
2 oz.Irish Mist® liqueur

Dissolve sugar in warm espresso. Cool. Add liqueur.

If Irish Mist is unavailable, substitute whiskey with some honey.


8 oz. Mascarpone cheese
4 oz. cream cheese
3 Tbsp. sugar
3 Tbsp. Baileys® Irish cream liqueur

Blend the two cheeses well. (I use a food processor with a whipping attachment.) Blend in sugar and liqueur.


about 20 lady fingers (either fresh or dried)
1 Tbsp. sweetened powdered cocoa

Line the bottom of a dish (about 6"x6") with lady fingers. Drizzle on half of the espresso mixture so that it soaks in evenly. Use less of this mixture if the cake becomes so saturated there would be excess liquid.

Cover with half of the filling. Spread out evenly.

Repeat, with another layer of soaked lady fingers and the other half of the filling.

Sprinkle with powdered cocoa. Refrigerate.


  1. For fully-Irish (as opposed to semi-Irish) tiramisu, substitute Guinness® Extra Stout for the espresso.

    Warning: Mix Guiness only with the Irish Mist. Do not mix Guinness directly with Irish cream liqueur or it may curdle.

  2. For regular, non-Irish tiramisu substitute sweet Marsala wine for the two liqueurs.